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What To Choose

The lingo confusing? 

If you can't pronounce balayage much less know what it is-

I'm here to help!

If you are in need of a haircut as well please make sure to select these options listed "with haircut" to allow proper timing for your stylist. 


Blowdry and style are automatically built in with both options  


You have no existing blonde or want to add more

Wanting to add pieces around the face and top of the head?  

Wanting to add blonde highlights all over?

Please note when booking that a Root Retouch is for permanent color only.  To achieve the results you desire we must book the appropriate amount of time.  All of these blonding options are available with a Root Retouch in the online booking portal. (e.g. Partial Highlight With Root Retouch)

You need your highlights touched up

Wanting to touch up grown out highlights through the front and sides of the head (no foils underneath)?

Wanting to touch up blonde highlights all over?

You want blonde through the ends

Wanting blonde pieces through the ends but few or no pieces through the top?


You like your current color

Wanting to touch up your roots to match your existing color? 

You want to go darker

Wanting a color all over that is the same color or darker than the existing color?  

Wanting your new growth darker and the ends of your hair lighter? 

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