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Facials & Lashes

Eyes and Brows

Lash Lifting


Help curl your natural lashes for 6-8 weeks 

Lash Tinting


Darken your natural lashes without the use of mascara for a beautiful look sans makeup. Results last 4-6 weeks

Lift & Tint


Get both lash darkening and lifting in one session for convenience and cost efficiency


Lash Extensions Full Set

Natural Mascara Look 


A light set of classic eyelash extensions creating a natural "mascara" look but better! A custom lash style will be created to accentuate the beautiful aspects of your eyes while minimizing any imperfections.

Classic Set


Full set of London Lashes that create a lovely full, classy look. Lash style will be determined based on your natural eye shape and what will bring out all the beautiful aspects of your eyes.

Applying false lashes in a salon

Lash Extensions Fill

Natural Lash Fill


Removal of outgrown lash extensions, deep lash cleanse and fill in of fresh new lashes. This service should be performed every 2-4 weeks depending on your natural lash shed cycle. 50% retention is optimum. Treatment time: up to 75 min.

Classic Lash Fill


Removal of outgrown lash extensions, deep lash cleanse and fill in of fresh new lashes. 50% retention is optimum. Fills should be performed every 2-4 weeks depending on your natural lash shed cycle.


New Guest Customized Facial


Not sure which facial is right for your skin?  Start here! Kim will provide a consultation about your skin concerns and what you would like to achieve.  A customized facial will be performed that can take up to 90 minutes depending on treatment provided

Seasonal Exclusive Facial


Throughout the year our skin can change.  Kim has curated a specialized treatment to help replenish the demands of each season.  Check our online booking to see what this season's specialty is!

Face Care

The Spa Experience Facial


The ultimate in facial relaxation!  This is a customized treatment that adds all the favorite things from our best facials in one package.  A warmed aromatherapy towel relaxes your feet along with a cooling eye treatment using ice globes.  Along with your facial treatment you will melt away with the extra facial and upper body massage.  

Dermaplane Express & Deluxe

$40, $55

Begin both of these treatments with a deep cleanse and exfoliate with a dermaplane blade to get rid of dead skin and vellus hair.  

Want a little more pampering?  select the Deluxe Dermaplane and enjoy a steam treatment, facial massage, upper body massage and finish with vitamin rich serums and moisturizers.

Diamond Microdermabrasion


If your skin is lackluster, dry, and/or feels rough this could be your favorite treatment! This facial uses a diamond-tip wand with a suction to gently get rid of dead skin and cleans out pores, revealing your soft, glowing skin underneath. Not recommended for those with cystic acne or rosacea.

Jade Roller

Clarifying Facial


A customized treatment for those who have acneic skin conditions and/or milia. This facial focuses on extractions, deep cleanse and calming the skin. High frequency acne treatment may be used to kill bacteria in acneic areas of the skin.

Vitamin A Facial


This is a deeply penetrating vitamin A treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sloughs away dead skin, tightens skin, improves circulation and elasticity, reduces acne breakouts and hydrates. This facial is customized to your skin using blended forms of vitamin A.


Gentleman's Purifying Treatment

Customized Facial for the men who tend to need deeper cleansing and very light exfoliation. This treatment is based on your skin condition. The perfect treatment for the gents!

Jade Roller
Applying Face Mask

Hydration Glow Peel


A lactic peel containing hydrating hyaluronic acid to break down keratinocytes, revealing baby soft, smooth skin underneath. Not for those with sensitive skin, cystic acne or rosacea.

Enzyme Facial


This facial gives you similar results as a chemical peel for those who are sensitive to alpha hydroxy acids or who have skin issues contraindicative for chemical peels. A customized enzyme is used according to your unique skin's needs. Neck and shoulder massage included.

Bio-Active Lift Treatment


For all skin types. Microcurrent mimics your skin's own natural current to tighten and lift. It exercises facial muscles, creating a more firm, lifted appearance. This facial is also great as a facial lymphatic drainage treatment. Radio Frequency provides a big boost in collagen production naturally. Infrared light is added to stimulate fibroblast cells which increase collagen and elastin activity. Not recommended for those who have dental implants or who are pregnant.

Nano Infusion Facial


Using a Nano Infusion "Pen" products are driven deeper into skin tissues for maximum efficacy of treatment serums. This treatment is perfect for those wanting to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Promotes collagen and elastin production naturally. Also includes deep cleanse, customized exfoliation and collagen cooling mask. Not for those with rosacea or cystic acneic skin conditions.

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